Hello, and welcome my fellow tennis coaches.



This is the most important message you will ever read if you are a tennis coach.

6 figure private tennis coaching.

Because no experienced tennis coach, should be looking for a coaching job in this day and age,we are living in.


This site is for tennis coaches who want to make 6 figures coaching tennis privately.


And create a successful independent tennis program, so they can work and have the freedom, to do what they love to do,anytime that they want to.


What if I told you this my friend,,


That you could pay $17.77 for a ebook and that ebook, would show you how to step by step, set up your own "6 figure private tennis coaching program on your own"?


Did I get your attention with that question!!


I hope I did, because it's not only possible for you, but you can do it in 6 months or less!!

Sorry, with one exception that is.

You will have to create a plan and then take massive action, on that plan, followed up with even more action.

The cool part about this is....

I will give you the plan and the strategies for your 6 figure private tennis coaching business.

But you will have to adopt it and adjust it, to make it work for you!!

I'll give you the jet fuel and you will have to provide the jet plane!!

Fair enough?

Awesome then.

Let me introduce myself to you first.

Don't worry, it will be short!!

My name is Thomas Daniels,

"I am a PTR and MTM certified tennis pro coach with over 18 years of experience coaching all levels and ages the game that I love with a passion."


I have been in japan for the last 17 years coaching tennis,yea,that's a long time isn't it?

And I have enjoyed every minute of it.

For the last 5 of those years,I have been running my own  independent "private  tennis coaching program".

Why should you listen to me?

Good question.

"Because I have built my own successful  private tennis coaching program and I can show you how to do it too."

I have also help other tennis  local clubs here in kansai build successful tennis programs and it isn't any fun I can tell you that,I mean, making others rich,off your skills and creativity.

My story,,

I'm not going to bore you here with my  song and dance story here, but I will tell you this guys,,


"I was force into starting my own private coaching program, because the japanese guy, who brought me other here, wouldn't sponsor me and I am glad he didn't."


I thank him now, because it was the best thing that could have happen to me and my coaching career.


You know something, it's so true, we never know what we really can do, until we are forced into deep water, and we either  can sink or swim.


I'm not going to lie to you either guys,I almost drowned!!


But  then I  started to read every sale book I could  get my hands on and I started to implement the things I  was learning and  that is when my private coaching business took off.


And that was the turning point in my coaching career and it will be the same for you.


Every tennis coach needs to read this ebook here.

In it.

I give you a 5 point plan that will show you how to get started and then  show you how to grow your own "Independent Tennis Coaching Program" from  the sales of your tennis lessons.


I actually wrote this book, because I kept getting questions from many tennis coaches on Social Media about how they could set up their own private coaching tennis program on facebook.


This ebook is short and  sweet and full of nugget for tennis coaches.


I have omitted all the fluff,because I value your time and I know many of you are busy.


Also  it comes with a bonus ebook, that will show you how to kick start your tennis program after you get started.


This ebook will complement, the 6 figure  private coaching one.


It's really sad to see so many tennis coaches looking for jobs on Social Media right now, when all they have to do, is get creative and take massive action and build their own 6 figure private coaching program.

Your main objective is to,,,,,

Build a tennis program that will  eventually self manage itself.

Here are a few other thing you will learn in this powerful short ebook.

"How to get your private tennis coaching  program off the ground with no money."(This alone,is worth the price of the ebook)

"How to get sponsorship through stealth networking".

"And you will  also learn, how to scale your private coaching program, so it grows even more, when you are not even there."


Only a few tennis coaches know about this huge opportunity that they are missing out on, you  need to hop all over this opportunity  here, so you can get started making your own 6 figures in private coaching.

And stop leaving all that cash on the table, like you are doing now.

Okay guys, click this link and it will take you to the product page, where I go into a few more details about the ebook.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you like and share this information  with other tennis coaches!!

They need to hear this message!!

There are tons of coaches out there, that need to be reading this powerful ebook.


For those tennis coaches who aren't  sold yet,well I have one message for you.

I wish you the best of luck in your average coaching career!!

And for you other tennis coaches,I'll talk to you guys on the inside!!