Your Power Schedule

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In our last post, we talked about how you can start your own private coaching program.

So today, we need to talk about you creating a power schedule.

I go deeper into this in the ebook, but in this post, I am going to give you an outline of it and you can take it and run with it.

Start with the end goal in mind.

The end goal for your power schedule is to help you fill up your sales pipeline as fast as you can.

To grow your private coaching program faster, you will need a huge pipeline.

This would be students, who are thinking about joining your program or who have heard about  your program.

In other words,it's getting more attention for your program by prospecting more everyday.

Your power schedule, should look something like this,,


6:00 am. "Wake up"

Write down your goals and read something empowering.

No TV or negative thinking!

7:30 am. "Eat  healthy and get ready for the day"

Review your schedule while having breakfast  and visualize everything working out for you, for the rest of the day.

9:00 am. "Start prospecting"

Your telephone is your go to sales tool(it's also free) and you need to be banging out at least 70 to 150 calls a day.

The more the better and create a good phone script today and keep revising it everyday, until you can perfect it.

12:00 pm." Have Lunch"

This is optional though, eat out if you can and try to connect with some new prospects, or you could take a prospect to lunch, or hell, work through lunch.

1:00 pm. "Follow up time"

You will need to contact or touch most prospects about 5 to 8 times,I wouldn't do any more than that, instead just move them off your target list and focus on the next one.

Remember too.

Never waste time with a bad prospect!!

3:00 pm. "Finish banging out those calls for the day"

Make sure that you get in all your dials for the day,this is going to help you build your pipeline, for your private coaching program.

5:00 pm." Review your day and make plans for tomorrow"

 Everyday at the end of the day, review your progress and record what you got done for that day down in your journal, this really can be a powerful thing for you to do every night and for your program's growth.

Because you will get the feeling that you are progressing everyday towards your business goals and your confident will also grow.

Never leave your home office or place of work, before you have already prepared for the next day in detail.

Then, that night,go over your schedule again before you sleep, this way your subconscious mind, will be working for you while you sleep.

6:00 pm. "Network time" 

I would stop by your local pub or coffee shop if you can and try to be seen everyday and pass out your name card for a few hours or so.

Connect with people and turn those connections into clients and students.

You need to take your networking activities to a whole new level.

I'm talking about meeting 20 to 30 new people a day.

"Then you need to go home and be with your family and have some quality time with them."

You can adapt this power schedule and tweak it as you please.

But this is a good outline for you to start with.

The power schedule is simple and of course like the name says.

It can be  POWERFUL for your program!!

Why more coaches and club owners don't do this,is beyond me.

Pack your schedule with sales activities and never have any white space on it and you are going to grow your program fast and I mean really fast!!

Get and stay busy,that's the master plan here.

"The power schedule, can help any tennis coach, triple his/her business in  months."

Okay, in the next post,we will talk about how you can maintain this growth.

Until then,get to work on your power schedule.

And I'll talk to you guys next month.


How To Start Your Own Private Tennis Coaching Program

Happy New Year!!

Are you guys ready to start crushing it this year with your own tennis program or what?

Like I promised  you guys last year.

"I will be giving tennis coaches 2 tips a month on starting and running your own private tennis program."

These tips are free and can make you tons of cash,if you implement them.

Today,I want to tell you why you need to start your own private coaching program as soon as you can and why you can't wait another day.

See, the fact is,no experience tennis coach should be working for anyone else.

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Tennis clubs are closing around the world and they will continue to close in the future,because of bad management.

Here in japan,I have seen it happening for years!!

This is why you need to start your own program now, while you are working for someone else and then, take it full-time after you grow it.

Make sure you leverage the internet too.

Here is my blueprint for starting  your own 6 figure private coaching business.

If you want more personal training from me, join the membership program and we can speed up the process for you and your program.

Step 1

Call pre-schools, elementary schools and companies everyday for the next 21 days.

Set up an appointment with them.

You have to work the number too.

I would call 60 or more a day, but no less then that!!

Sales is a numbers game.

Crunch those numbers everyday and they will  start working for you.

Step 2

At the presentation,sell them on why they need to start a tennis program and give them all the benefits that the program will bring to their school and company.

Make sure you cover all the objections that they may have  during your presentation.

Address it before them,by asking powerful questions.

Be excited and up beat throughout the presentation and focus on connecting with them on a personal level.

Step 3

I wouldn't leave there without setting up a free clinic or event.

Be persistent and professional and they will accept your offer,I promise you that.

The more positive you are, the more likely you are to close them on this idea.

Remember that.

Step 4

Give a great free clinic for them.

You will either close the deal or not close it on this day.

Make every moment count during the clinic and make sure that the students really have a good time.

Because the worst thing that could happen is that, some workers and teachers will at least join your program.

Step 5

Close the deal.

After the clinic,have the papers ready and give them to the prospect to sign.

They should sign there or you can allow them to take it with them, if they need to,but give them the contract.

Of course,you want the signature right there, but don't push it,go with what feel right.


Master the art of closing.

Look for buying signals and time your close for just the right moment.

And never let them see you sweat!!


This is how you start marketing your private coaching program.

The more you work on your pitch and revise your approach to prospects, the better you will get at doing this and the faster your program will grow.

Learn as many sale tips as you can, by reading more books on the topic.

You know something that is so true.

The more you learn, the more you earn.

In the next post,I will get into how you can build yourself a sales pipeline,which every business and program needs to be successful.

Talk to you guys then!!