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Welcome back my fellow tennis coaches,,

How has the month been going so far?

I hope you have been busy filling up your sales pipeline everyday, like I told you to do in the last post.

To be honest with you guys,if you are using "the power schedule" like you should be,your program should be growing like crazy now.

If not, you have to kick yourself in the back side and go out there and make it happen.

No excuses,get it done.

In this post,we are going to talk about how you can keep and maintain that growth.

And,it is all about you creating a SYSTEM for your private coaching program.

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You are going to have to come up with a system,that gives you a ton of referrals and more leads into your sales funnel.

Then you must update your system every month.

At the end of every month,sit down and evaluate it,then come up with about 10 new ideas to implement into it, that will improve it.

Stay in learning mode too,if one idea doesn't work, no problem, move on to the next one.

Adopt the ABT managing rule.

You guys know about that rule?


It's one thing to build a program up from scratch, but it's another thing, to be able to keep growing it and maintaining that success.

Which is what you want.

The only way you are going to be able to do that is by doing this,,

"Study other great systems that companies use,then adopt and adapt those same concepts into your own system."

I walk around with a legal pad with me and the minute I see something that I want to try, "I write it down".

You should be doing the same thing with your business system,learn something new everyday, keep expanding your thinking and thought process.

This is the way that you can stay ahead of the pack and also maintain your own steady growth.

We can talk more next month about this.

I'm looking forward to it too!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say.

Finish this month off as strong as you can!!



Getting More Clients

Welcome back coaches and we need to get right into this post, because I don't want to waste your time and I need you guys to stay busy promoting your private tennis coaching program.

You should be filling up your pipeline about now, with your power schedule.

Make sure that you are getting your sales activities in everyday and never lower your daily or weekly targets.

It's all about crushing those numbers.

The best way to leverage your power schedule, is to master your ability to follow up with prospects.



You need to be following up, every prospect that comes into your tennis program funnel everyday.

I think with tennis clients 4 to 7 times is enough for each one.

With the goal, being to get them to sign up for a free clinic or event.

But you must be  creative for and on each follow up that you make.

Create a script for your first, second and third one.

Then revise it and update it every month.


"To get more clients,you will need to mix your power schedule in with your ability to follow up and then come up with a system, that fits your style and your tennis program."

That's basically it,right there.

Start working on your follow up tactics and be as helpful to each prospect as you can.

Make each offer to your clients a great one, based on their certain needs.

"Then make them an offer, that they can't refuse."

As coaches, your biggest USP is this,,

Tennis events will help their workers release stress and build a strong company culture and community for the future.

For schools it's simple,(a kids tennis course),can help kids get in shape and start learning better, because we all know that, a healthy kid, learn faster than a unhealthy one.

You can come up with your own sale pitch, but is should be based around those I just gave you.

In summary.

Keep working your power schedule and follow up with every prospect to leverage that schedule.

In our next post,we will get into a few more marketing techniques, that can help you grow your private tennis coaching business.

Do me a favor too, please share this post with other tennis coaches out there, if you can.

And thanks for reading guys!!

We can talk again soon.