Dominating Your Market

Hello my fellow coaches,welcome back to the blog.

Before we get into this post here today,I just wanted to say that,please feel free to check in with me from time to time, to let me know how you are doing with your private coaching program.

Because I'm here to help.

It's my goal with this blog, to help you guys start your own private coaching program and start making 6 figures with your program.

So, that being said, let's do this!!

Oh,I almost forgot too.

How is your referral system doing that we talked about last time?

Take care of that first, before you start trying to apply what I am going to be talking about in this post today.

Which is,how you can start dominating your market.

This relates to your referral system also.

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Dominate your tennis market by getting more leads. 

You should be prospecting everyday,you need to be getting more leads coming in,because you will be facing a lot of rejection.

Yes,so be mentally prepared for it happening.

Then work around it, by working your tail off to get more leads.

Everything in prospecting starts with a lead.

"The amount of lead that you have, will determine how much you can dominate your market."

Okay,this is the only way to dominate your market.

You are going to have to take your networking abilities to another level.

One that is super positive and fired up, focus your attention on connecting,not getting students,because that will come later.

We are getting  into April,so you are going to have to step it up with your networking game for this whole month.

Networking goal.

Meet 50 people or more a day,if you can!!

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"You are looking to build a huge network, that will start giving you more leads everyday and the only way to do this is by meeting more people everyday."

Next thing I need from you is this.

Study the market more and target the influencers,so you know where your best prospects hang out at,then go there and get after them everyday.

I would target one place and then keep showing up,until you meet everyone there, then move on to the next hot SPOT and repeat the  same process.

Don't try to sell them on your program at all.

If you connect with them on a personal level,they will join your program anyway,so don't sweat that.

I heard Grant Cardone say that,,

"Your network will determine your net-worth!!"

There you have it and that is why you have to commit to doing it daily.

Dominating any market takes consistent effort,action and the right attitude,followed up with more MASSIVE action.

Use email,mailers and cold calls to pound the market into submission if you have to.

Then follow up with every prospect that you meet and do it in a creative way.

Do this for 21 days and I will talk to you next month

See how this is all playing out?

I hope so!!

For you new comers to this blog,you may want to go back and read the older post on this blog,to get caught up with what we are doing here.

And you guys that have read them already.

Time to get busy dominating your market.

Speaking of the market.

"I would target all ages and levels in your local area first and also companies and schools."

Now if someone is already dominating your area,you have 2 options.

Move or target their students!!

You will be surprise at how many students aren't happy with their presents tennis schools and coaches.

Believe me, I know this for a fact.

Anyway,that's your call and I will talk to you guys next month.

I'll leave you guys with this tip to think about until we speak again.

Dominate the market,by becoming a ruthless marketer!!


Your Referral System

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Hello my  fellow tennis coaches,,

Welcome back,I hope last month was a good month for you guys and your private coaching program.

In the last 3 post,I gave you  some great tips on how to get started  with your private coaching program and how to keep growing your program after you get started,so today I would like to talk you guys about how you  can create and then leverage your referral system.

But,if you want this to work for your coaching program,you are going to have to give GREAT lessons and service to your students.

The problem that we all have is that,when we get a new student,we have to replace that student with another student and this can be expensive and time consuming for coaches.

A better way is to implement a "Referral System" and keep updating it monthly.


I would suggest that you ask them early and keep asking them often,the best time is when they give you a complement or when they are in a good mood after or during a lesson.

Just ask something like,

"Hey Mary,I'm glad to see you are having a great time in my program, by the way, is there anyone else who you may know, that maybe interested in joining my school"?

Then, be quiet and wait.

If they say they can't think of anyone at that time,just say,,

"No problem,if you do ever meet someone who maybe interested in my program, please give them my number."

This will plant the seed into their subconscious mind and they will start giving you more referrals in the future.

Make sure you give them something for the referral,free tennis wear or a book,anything is okay.

They will more than likely,give you one the first time you ask them,if they love your program.

Make sure you keep asking too.

And remember, you must give GREAT service for this to work.

Tennis coaches get new students, then take them for granted!!

I used to teach in kansai,japan and the first thing I did when I became head coach at Nishinomiya Hankyu was to make my tennis pros start asking students for referrals and we double our school in 1 month,then tripled it in 2 months.

The sad fact is,most tennis coaches just don't ask for referrals enough!!

I can tell you this right here, if you don't ask for them, you are not going to get them,so start asking more and you coaching program, is going to start growing more.

Use tact while doing this and focus on perfecting your timing when you are asking.

Always ask with confident.

I would ask them like I KNOW they are going to give me one,and this will effect their respond every time,it's like a powerful energy that you give off to your students and they obey your request.

Let's stop there today.

Because I want you guys to milk this tip for the rest of the month,for all it is worth.

Make your goal for this month be , to get at least 10 referral a week.

This is the best way to grow your private coaching program with no money.

By building strong relationships and then leveraging those relationship.

It's called OPR-(Other People Resources).

Master this one and you are going to making 6 figures in no time at all.

I'll talk to you guys later this month.