Your Coaching Power Base

I'm a big fan of Grant Cardone's work.

I have read all of his books and  listened to his audio and I study it every day,so a lot of what you are going to get from me in this blog, comes from what I got from him and adapt it to grow my own business.

Here is another great tip from GC.

Your network,will determine your net-worth.

Man,does that hit home or what?

Today let's talk about you network or also called,"Your Power Base".

We all have them,it maybe small or big,and that doesn't matter.

What counts for you is that,you re-connect with it and focus on expanding it every week from today.

I'll address the first one.

Today contact 10 people that you haven't heard from in a long time,this could be a high school or a college friend.

Just call them and check up on how they are doing.

Make the call all about them and don't try to sound like you are selling them anything.

That is what is going to make this call work for you in the long run.

After they tell you their latest news,the conversation should turn to you and this is when you should ask them.

"Let's meet for lunch sometime soon?"

Confirm a day and time and then make another call,then repeat the process.

"The purpose of the call is to reconnect with them over lunch and then get a hot lead and not try to make a sell".

images (6)

At lunch.

Again,make the meeting be all about them and what is going on in their lives and not yours.

Have at least 25 powerful questions that you can ask them,to get them talking and revealing themselves to you.

After they open up to you,the conversation should turn back to you.

And this is when you have try to get that lead.

Tell them about your product or service and do it in a passionate way,then ask,"Is there anyone that you know of,that maybe interested"?

This should get you at least 3 or 2 good solid leads.

But make sure, you ask in a natural way.

It's all about how you ask!!(Practice doing this in the mirror)

Friends like to help other friends,but make sure that you are approaching them as a true friend.

If for some reason they can't think of anyone, don't force the issue.

Add them to your power base and follow up with an email later.

In that case,what will usually happen is,they will email you after a week or so and then give you the leads,because you connected with them on a personal level and you imprinted the referral on their subconscious mind during lunch.

The other thing I want to get you guys to do is,,

Grow your power base through daily networking.

Your goal is to meet 30 new people a day.

Have a great attitude and forget about dealing with rejection.

Keep the big picture in mind and just keep on meeting more images (5)people and growing your power base.

I just dumped a lot on you guys today.

So, get to work on this information and I will talk to you guys next month.

Have a great weekend!!



Drive-way Tennis Coaching

Welcome back fellow tennis coaches,,

Today I am going to give you guys a business model that, you can start cashing in on this weeks or at least as soon as you get the right tools in your hand.

download (12)

Let's get into this information right now and I will repeat this.

You can crush it with this idea in months.

Yes,in months and you will soon see why.

Coaches can use it for either promoting their private coaching program or for just adding a good side business to it.

You guys cool with that?


Then listen up.

Start your own "Driveway Tennis Program "today.

What's that?

It's teaching tennis to kids right there in their own drive-ways.

Parents will love it too, because this will give them time, to get in those house chores,that they need to be doing in the afternoon.

Make that your sales pitch too.

Here are the tools that you will need.

You will need a mini-net and the foam balls or the developing ones.

Also get the right tape to make the mini court and have enough kid's rackets with you.

Use hoops and balloons, to keep  the lessons fun for the kids.

"I would sale racket to the families too(work out a deal with your local pro shop today),this is also another  way to  get extra cash from your drive-way business model."

How can you promote this program?

Meet them where they are!!

Drive up to the house(be careful though) or to a neighborhood and start knocking on doors.

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Offer sample lessons and give them a great lesson.

Have plenty of flyers with you too.

The thing about this business model is that,,

"You can grow it fast and then start hiring other coaches to do the lessons for you, while you keep growing the business and expanding into other areas around town."

Like I mention before.

You can use this idea as a way to promote your own coaching program or just as a good side business and stack even more paper.

Tennis coaches are leaving tons of cash on the table,by not getting and staying creative with the business models, that they use to grow and expand their coaching programs!!

Some other ideas to think about.

Teach them in their back yards or give munchkin lessons to the younger kids right there in their own homes!!

Picture that happening.

I'm getting excited for you just by writing this right now.

I mean,just picture the opportunities that are out there!!

Can you see the impact that this business model, can have on your private coaching program?

We are talking tons of cash here for the taking by a smart coach.

I don't want to throw too much at you guys today in this post.

So implement this driveway tennis coaching business model and I will talk to you guys later this month.

For the record too.

I know a japanese guy in Kyoto here, who is making million of yen with this business model and guess who taught it to him?

That's right!!

I'll talk to you guys soon!!