Visualizing Your Success

Hope you guys are having a great month.

We are almost halfway through the year,so check in on your goals and do whatever you have to do,to make sure you reach them before the end of the year.

One way that can help you to do that,is to start visualizing your success.

Seeing is believing and you become,what you think about most of the time.

That means you should never think and say,anything about yourself or your private coaching program,that you don't want to become true.

Write that down,so you can remember it too.

The problem with most people is that,they don't give this visualization thing a chance to work for them,they all want instant results from their actions and it just doesn't happen that way,

We must master the "Law of Practice".

Then we must have faith and believe that it will happen for us.

I challenge you to visualize your program and your goals for 2 months straight.

Hold your thoughts on them.

Use every minute of your free time to visualize what you want to see happen with your private coaching program.

"Thought is the greatest form of energy."

But you must train yourself how to think and how to visualize your goals daily.

Because if you don't do this.

You will unconsciously focus and think about things that you don't want.

Which is what 90% of the population is doing.

Okay,accept the challenge I just gave you and start on it today.

If you do this.

Your goals will appear at just the right moment for YOU.

I'll talk to you guys next month.

Have a great weekend too!!


Focus On Results

It's the start of the month,so I was thinking about what I could give you guys in this post,that could help you become more productive this month.

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And I came up with title  focus on results.

Nothing else really matter at the end of the day,to tell the truth.

Set daily goals for yourself the night before you go to bed and wake up,review them and then focus on getting them done that day.

Do that everyday for the whole month and the results will start showing up in your coaching program.

We all talk a good game(I have been guilty of this too),but we don't always back that talk up with the right amount of action,so we don't get the results.

Do we?

A better thing to do is to this,,

Keep quiet about your goals and plans, and let your results speak for themselves.

The great thing about focusing on results is that,,

"You start feeling better about yourself and your business, because you are producing something that you care about and you are moving towards your goals."

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A quick tip.

Focus on only 1 thing at a time with all the mental energy that you can and do it until  it gets done.

All top producers operate this way on a daily basis.

Then move on to the next activity.

Too many times we try to work on 4 different things at the same time and end up, not getting anything done at the end of the day.

So focus on results  for the next few weeks and I will talk to you guys later this month.

Oh no,I almost forgot.

Happy Mother's Day!!

And have a great day with your mom today.

I envy of you guys,because I can't see mine!!

Talk to you guys later this month.