Marketing Made Simple

"Today I am going to breakdown what marketing  is all about and try to make it more simple for you coaches out there who are trying to grow your tennis programs".

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Marketing is anything that you do,to get a new student to join your tennis program.

So look at what you are doing right now and if it isn't working for you,change your approach and try it out as fast as you can and guess what,if that doesn't work either,drop that too and try another way.

You will eventually find something that works,but you must be relentless in your marketing strategies.

That means,"Don't knock it, before you try it".

The older we get, the less creative we get, because we start living in our own little small worlds.

Here are some things that you need to be thinking about as for as your marketing is concern.

How well is your marketing working for you?

"Model after other great marketers out there,this mean online and offline,get on their mailing list,study their sales copy and pay close attention to their marketing strategies and sales funnels."


Always be looking at how you can implement those same strategies into your own marketing campaigns.

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Oh yeah.

Give your marketing campaigns enough time to work for you and your program,you shouldn't make any evaluation before 3 months.

This will give you plenty of time to allow the campaign to get some needed ground work.

After 3 months,revise it and attack the market again.

Yes,attack it with even more determination than the first time and that is when you will start seeing some better results from your efforts.

Hope that makes it's more simple for you guys.

I'll talk to you guys next month.

One more thing,,

Finish this month as strong as you can!!