Your Back-End Sales System

Hello coaches.

Welcome back.

It sure has been a long time,hasn't it?

Sorry about that.

I had some major problems with my hosting company,but now I'm back up and running and ready to give you guys some more tips on  how you can grow your private coaching business.

Like I have said to you guys in this blog many times before.

No experience tennis coach, should be working for anybody but themselves.

Okay let's get into some information now.

So today I have a great tip for you tennis coaches out there, that will have you closing more sales and growing your tennis program faster than you can think about doing it.


By the way.

This is called.

Your Back-End Marketing System and this is where you make the real money at guys,please never forget that.

"The front-end is where you do your prospecting at and get more leads for your marketing and then on the back-end ,you cash in on those leads".

You close the deal in other words,(Get them to join your program).

Tips for your back-end system,,

Master the Art Of Communication.

I would read as many books as I can on learning how to influence people and on how to communicate better.

Yes,you will need to be able to get pass their objective mind and get into their subjective mind.

Here are a few tips.

Use  A Strong Greeting

Meet them at your club with a lot of energy and passion.


Have your 30 second pitch down to a science and practice it daily.

Then keep raising your energy even higher, throughout the presentation.

This will help them connect with you more on a personal and deeper level.

Never start the lesson or anything else, before you have connected with the prospect.


Give  A Great Free Sample Lesson

Build on the momentum, that you have already established in your greeting and give a GREAT sample lesson to them.

Make sure they have a great time during your lessons and be super positive with your speech and your actions.

Make them feel like you are their long lost best friend.

And no, that isn't a joke either.

People will buy faster from a friend quicker and faster,than anyone else they know.

Isn't that true?

We are in an age right now, were service is at an all time low.

No doubt about it!!

So, when you give people this type of service with passion,they melt in your hand.

I mean when you do it,,

No selling is even needed on your part.

They will also give you tons of leads,which is your main objective here.

Last tip.

Set Up A Referral System

The one thing many tennis coaches don't do is set up a referral system and get more leads with their back-end marketing.

Doing this will allow you to build a "Automated Cash Machine".

It would look something like this,,

After you close the prospect,plant the referral seed in their mind by saying,"If you know any friends who would like to be a part of our family,please don't keep us a secret".

They will often go home and call their friends and tell them about your tennis program that very night.

And again, that is what you want them to do my friend.

Think about it.

(You just gave this person a great lesson and they signed up for your tennis program,so milk it for all it is worth.)

This means they are feeling great about you and your club.

In summary.

Be aggressive with getting tons of leads from every new member that enters into your private tennis coaching program.

The referral system is the fastest way to grow your private coaching program.

Why get 1 new student at a time,when you can get 10 new ones at a time?

You with me here?

I thought so.......

Most coaches are so excited to get one new student, that they stop there.

Don't make that same  mistake.

Those are just 3 ideas for your back-end marketing system.

Start with those and keep building on them monthly, until you get to 6 figures.

Get creative with all this info. too and study other great back-end marketing systems out there.

I'll repeat.

In marketing,you have the front-end phase and the back-end phase and you make your real money on the back-end,so never forget that.

Okay,let's stop there for now and we can talk more later this month!!!