Keep Filling Up Your Sales Pipeline

Okay guys, back at you again.

With the last post for this month.

This tip is for all you tennis coaches out there, who are struggling trying to get your program off the ground.

Just remember this.

Your sales pipeline will determine how fast your coaching program grows.

I have already talked about the sales pipeline many times in this blog, so today I will just add this point here.

Keep filling up your pipeline,until it over flows on you!!

I want to stress this important marketing tip here today.

Because many of you aren't getting this,as new business owners.

I have had people read the ebook and be like,"Okay Thomas what's next"?

And I say to them,,


"Start implementing the tips that I gave you in the ebook".

Information doesn't become knowledge until you USE it.

Even with this blog.

If you aren't using all the tips that I have been giving you,then you are wasting your time and mine,so don't do that!!

But back to the post and the tip.

Before you sleep at night,make yourself a power schedule for the next day and picture yourself doing those activities.

Then wake up the next day, review it again,revise it a bit, if you have to,then get to work on making things happen.

The idea here is to get a lot of attention for your coaching program and then turn that attention into leads and more students.

Never waste time with negative people either(Make a note of that).

Your time is too valuable for that.

Guard your time and make sure that every minute of your day, is being used for networking,prospecting,cold-calling and other sales activities.

You should monitor yourself daily too.

During the day,check off the activities as you do them.

That way.

You can hold yourself more accountable throughout the week.


You get the idea here.

You must keep filling up the pipeline,so you can have constant leads coming in.

Listen to this.

90% of all small businesses will fail this year.


Because they never focused on building a huge sales pipeline for their marketing.

Alright then.

There you have it.

I'll talk to you guys next month!!


Branding Yourself

Okay,like I promised you guys last time,you will get 3 tips this month.

I will also make sure that they are great tips too.

Today,we are going to be talking about branding yourself and your private coaching tennis program.

You can use social media to do this, but it will take daily massive action.


You will be competing against some big brands out there and you will need to use every ounce of energy that you have,to get your name out there to the right group of people,and with the right message.

Your advantage is this,,

You can be more mobile and agile than they can,because of their size.

First question though......

What type of Brand do you want to create for your tennis coaching program?

It should be the best private tennis coaching in town!!

But let's  go deeper than that,,

Think of all the ways that you can differentiate yourself from other tennis coaches and tennis club in your city or town.

Seek to know your best prospects in a more intimate way!!

Then use them daily in your branding to help you stand out from the crowd and rise above the noise.

Second,what problems can you solve for your students that other coaches can't?

Write them all down.

You need to keep reviewing and revising them monthly.

And last.

Give away a "Free Report" that is packed with valuable information.

Use this report to get people on your newsletter.

After you have them on there,follow up with your own products or affiliate products.

This a great way to become a super affiliate as well.

Don't forget.

Branding takes time.

At the start of this process,you must be ruthless in your daily activities.

Then monitor your progress,so if something isn't working for you,stop doing it and try something else(Note,come back to it later).

You learn how to market your brand through consistent testing.

You need to be testing out different ideas everyday and using that feedback to make the needed corrections.


Let's stop there for today and I'll check back in with you guys later this month.

Now get busy branding yourself.



Master Marketing

Hello my fellow coaches,,

Sorry,I only gave you 1 tip last month(Been busy),so I will make that up to you guys this month,by coming at you 3 times.

Fair enough?

Okay,today let's talk about the most important skill that you will have to learn if you want to grow your own private coaching business faster.

That skill is MARKETING.

I found this out the hard way when I started my coaching program years ago and I don't want you guys to have to go through that experience.

So this is what I am going to do for YOU here today.

I'm going to give you 3 tips, that can help you become a great marketer and also help you make a ton of cash at the same time.

They are....

Tip 1

Read more books by great marketers

I love Gary Halbert and Ted Nicholas.


Both of those guys are masters at this game and they have made millions of dollars for themselves and other people.

Buy their books and then quickly implement their ideas and tips into your own marketing system.

Don't wait either.

Take action and learn it as you go along.

Tip 2.

Grow through your prospects and clients

Which means,get the most out of every prospect and student that come into your program.

This could be referrals,buying tennis wear or gear,or extra clinics and private lessons.

Second money is always easier to get out of new clients,so never forget that.

And milk it for all that it is worth.

I would add up all the money opportunities for each student in my program.


This is how you maximize your opportunities  for your program.

You are in the business to make money and you need to make as much money as you can,from all your students.

Make sure you are earning them too!!

Tip 3.

Master Direct Mail

Direct mail is salesmanship in a letter.

It's also the way that many of the top guys have made millions.

I'm just getting started in direct mail myself,so I'm learning as I write this post here today.

But,I can tell you this much.

I have a friend who went from making 5,000$ a month, to cashing in on 5,000$ a day!!!

That's how powerful direct mail can be for your coaching business program.

Many coaches don't know about this either.

Which means this is a great opportunity for you, to start cashing in on this sale concept today.

Test small and make sure that you choose the right mailing list.

Then after you get a good response from doing it,roll it out big and watch the money start rolling in for your program.


Those are my 3 tips for you guys.

What are you going to do now?

I hope take action on them my friend!!

Let's talk later this month.