How To Negotiate On Your Terms

Okay,this is going to be the last post of the year,so I'm going to try to make it a good one for you guys.

Hope everything is going well for you and your private coaching business.

Before we get into the info though.

Think business, not a job okay?

You need to be focusing on building a private coaching business and then taking that business online and putting it on automation.

That's important too, so write it down somewhere and post it up somewhere and refer back to it daily.

Today,we are going to talk about another very important skill, when it comes to building your coaching program.

And that is you,learning how to negotiate on your terms, while making them think, it is on their terms.

That requires practice and more practice,until you have the skills to do it at will.

I'm going to break down how you can negotiate into 3 parts.


Show them up front all the terms at the get go.

Spell it out for them in a simple way and let them know that the negotiations, is going to be about the following.

Your Terms......Their Terms......and Our Terms!!

See how simple that was?

Many people lose deals, because they make them too complex for the prospects.


Then get into the negotiations.

Start with your terms.

Present them in a passionate and natural way.

Soften your voice and eyes,so you come across as very personal.

Use a story to sell your offer better.


People love to hear empowering stories,so write one out for your pitch and keep refining it!!

It also helps you to connect with them, on a more personal level.


Let them give their terms.

Don't interrupt them while they are talking and listen with an intent, to understand  them and find out where they are really coming from.

Also called,"Reading between the lines".

Never waste time when negotiating either.

Get to the objections as quick as you can,if there are any and start working out an agreement with them.

And last thing.

The Close!!

Work out  a "Our Terms" agreement and get it in writing later.

You have to give to get.

The great thing is that,if you do the first 2 steps the right way.

The closing part is going to be easy.

Relax,to get them to relax.

I even like to close my deals over dinner.

It works too.

You have already did everything to establish trust, in these 3 hard straight forward negotiating tips.

Now at dinner, all you need to do, is wrap it up in style.

After some small talk.

Keep it light  and work out a deal in a friendly manner.

I like to start my closing statement with things like,,,

What do we really need to do,to make this thing work for the both of us?

And they we always meet me halfway at some point, in the closing of the deal.

Which they will do for you too.

Start working on this 3 step, negotiating process and get creative with using it to grow your business.

Some other notes.

Be in control at all times, while negotiating and know your information down cold.

Role play,practice in the mirror,perfect your pitch and the way you ask your power questions and with the way you follow up those questions, with power statements.

And that should about do it.

Negotiation is going to become the lifeblood of your business.

Because in the future.

You will be wanting to find and then close bigger deals.

That way.

You can stop trading time for $ and start making huge cash from finding and negotiating deals!!

I know a japanese friend, who used to coach,but now all he does for a living, is look for deals.

Get this.

2 big deals for him, can bring him in 700.000$ a year!!

This is how the rich get more wealthy.

They focus on finding deals and then they master the ability,to close those deals.

Yeah,I think this is the way I want to close out this post and this year.

Hope you enjoyed it and get busy developing those negotiation skills!!

Merry Christmas.

And Happy New Year!!


Let's make 2017 your best year ever!!!



A Private Coaching Building Model For Wealth

It's the last month of the year,so I'm going to try to write my best post of the year, right here for you guys.

Let me know how I do, by the likes and shares that you give it.

Okay,we have a lot to talk about in this post,so let's roll!!

First,go over the other post on this blog and make sure that you have taken the right amount of action, on the information, that you have learned from them.

If you haven't done that yet, get moving on it now my friend.

Stop reading now and go do it.

Never allow yourself to be programmed, into thinking that you can't do what I am teaching you in this blog, because if you listen to your family members and so call friends,they will tell you that you can't do it.

Commit to your dreams and goals and never let anyone talk you out of going after them!!


Here is a cash cow of a model...... for your private coaching business.

You should be growing your program by now,by filling up your sales pipeline daily and growing your school.

The thing you want to do now, is get more money for your coaching time on court,after we get you there,we want you to stop exchanging your time for dollars.

You can't build true wealth that way,so write that down too.

download (4)

You can do this by learning how to teach larger groups and holding tournament/big events and boot camps and also seminars.

Just get started and focus on improving as you gain confidence and keep pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone and grow your coaching,managing and marketing skills.

Speaking of marketing.

Spend 80% of your time on studying it.

You will need to master the skill of marketing or end up losing your coaching program.

Buy some books on the subject and check out Grant Cardone,Ted Nicholas and Jeffrey Gitomer.

Sign up for their newsletters and read their material.

The next step with growing your program is to start  using affiliate marketing as soon as you can.

An affiliate is a person who signs up for free to an affiliate program and then gets a link,that they copy and paste to their site or to someones else site and when that link produces a sale,the person gets a commission.

Not too bad is it?

download (10)

Now let's get creative here for a minute.

You could start your own program with small sports companies, in your area and mange it for them(Even dominate the market).

Their are tons of companies out there, that will want you to do this for them.

The next thing to do is, create your own affiliate program and get 1000s affiliates in it.

You could create a product by interviewing a famous coach,get it transcribed into a PDF,audio and DVD,then give them 50% of the profits.

You could also create your own product,something that you need to do at some point in your coaching building career.

After you have this set up it should look something like this.

You travel giving seminars for your front-end marketing funnel.

In your back-end funnel you are making money, from the following,,,

Books,your affiliate programs,others affiliate programs,audio products,ebooks, online membership sites, bootcamps etc...etc

This is how you build a private coaching program the right way.

That will eventually run like a pure cash cow, for your coaching program.

I don't want to overload this info in this post,so I'll break it up and continue on this subject later this month.

That way.

You guys will be locked in and loaded to crush it next year!!!