Focus On The Right Prospects

Welcome back,fellow coaches.

I hope you guys are off to  a great start this new year with growing your tennis program.


Make sure that 2017 is your best year ever.

Life doesn't get longer as you grow older my friend,it gets shorter.


Write down your goals for this year.

Then keep writing them down daily,while thinking and working on them non-stop.

Okay,on with the post.

How much time are you wasting with bad prospects?

Yea,we are talking about deadbeat prospects here.

I see many tennis coaches trying to build a business and they are wasting their time with  bad prospects.

Time is money!!

Yes,that statement is so true.

So, don't waste anymore time with prospects who can't decide or won't decide.

First, create your "Ideal Client Profile".

This should be the type of prospect, that you want to attract to your program.

Then keep updating that profile daily.

The next thing to do is,,

Create a Marketing Campaign.

Make it 3 months,because you will need to give it time to gain traction in the market.

Last thing.

Keep track of your results and create a"Hit List" the night before every work day!!

Monitor your progress daily and make those needed adjustments,as you work your plan.

The thing is this.

Always start with the end-goal in mind and be like a torpedo.

Keep adjusting your strategy,until you hit your goal!!!

Use that approach for everything that you do in your business and you can't fail coach.

Because with this mindset.

Everything is just feedback!!

See what I mean?

Okay then.


Today, go over all the prospects, that haven't joined your program yet.

Take off all the ones that you feel will not and start filling it up with better ones!!

This is really the key to growing your private coaching program faster.

Please never forget that!!

Because time is indeed MONEY!!!

We can stop there for today.

Let's talk more next month!!


Sale The Concept

Happy New Year!!

This is the first blog post of the year and it is a good one too!

I hope you are enjoying your time with your family and friends this holiday season and ready to have a great year on and off the court.

Okay,today we are going to talk about selling or should I say first creating the concept for marketing your coaching program.

When working on your pitch,focus on selling the concept,along with  powerful stories,that the prospect can relate to and can help you get a personal message to them.

So,we are not just marketing a tennis coaching program .

But we are,,

"Getting You Fit in 30 Days or Less" or "Expand Your Network Through Tennis".

You see what I mean?

Concepts will always sales better, then just straight out direct marketing.

Look at Mac with "I'm loving It" and Dominos "We Deliver in 30 Minutes or It's Free".

Everybody is selling concepts in their sales copy.


Today start coming up with some cool concepts, to market your private coaching program.

Write out at least 50 or more.

Then let them set for a few days.

Go back over them later and edit the ones that you like,keep the other ones in your (Idea Box-You can use them later for your copywriting).

I would test them out first and see which one bring in the most leads.

Oh yeah.

This marketing concept, needs to be on your business cards as well.

Your business card is like your own small placed ads,that you are handing out everyday.

So they need to have "Killer headlines" and " Powerful Concepts" on them.

Why don't we stop there today.

You get on top of this and I will talk to you again,later this month.

We need to make sure that this is the best year of your life!!

So, work with me and do your part my friend!!

That means on the court and off it!!