Your Sales Campaigns

Hey,what's up guys!!

Welcome back to the blog.

It's Thursday here in kansai,japan and I am sitting at my desk.

Getting ready to go teach a lesson on mental toughness,in a few minutes.

Just wanted to get this post out, to you guys first.

Today,let's talk about your sales campaigns.

Shall we?

There are a few things, that you need to know and do, to make sure that,they are both productive and that they bring in lots of leads for YOU.

It starts with your mindset.

You need to be patient and give your campaigns, enough time to work for your coaching program.

I'm talking about 3 months at least.

Never give yourself any evaluation, on any campaign, before that time.

The other thing is this....

Use 3 different types of marketing campaigns, at the same time.

Like direct mail, flyers and cold calling etc.

You can also try creative offline marketing  ideas and drive traffic to your website or your staff, who answers the phone and gets them to sign up for a sample lesson.

The MAIN OBJECTIVE for all your sales campaigns.

Is to...

Get them to take a FREE sample lessons or clinic.

I would also have campaigns were I approach companies and schools and offer free tennis clinics and event.

You need to be spending 1 hour a day on refining your sales campaigns.

Try this.

"Take 1 hour out of your day and get by yourself and come up with different ideas to improve your sales campaigns."

Use your creative mind and think deeply on them.

Last thing.

Study other companies and call them.

Pretend that you are a customer and take notes, on how they handle  objections and on how they present their service to prospects.

Test them out in your own campaigns and keep what it useful,get rid of the rest!!

The fact is this.

The sales pro,is always in learning mode.

You have to learn how to market your private coaching program like a pro and that takes lot of hard work and self training!!


Start modeling after the best today and you will eventually become a PRO yourself!!

Talk to you guys again soon!!


The Tennis Coaching Referral System

Hey guys,welcome back to the blog!!

Sorry about last month,I forgot to give you guys your second post, and didn't even know it.


I'll make that up to you, this month with 3 post.


Today,we are going to talk about you setting up a "Referral System" to grow your coaching program,at a much more faster pace and with less effort,on your part.

The first step is to....

Network on a whole new level.

Meet at least 20 to 40 people a day.

It's numbers game with prospecting,so play the "Law of Average",when playing it.

The more people you meet daily, the more relationships you can create.


Target Your Ideal Prospects.

I know,I often say that in this blog a lot,but I want to impress it, on your subconscious mindset.

You can do this by doing,some good market research.

And goggle is free,by the way.


Don't do cold calling and market research on the same day.

This is what I mean.

Take 1 full day to build your (Hit List).

Write down their emails,phone numbers and addresses.

Then spend the next day calling them and also sending a email out to them as a follow up.

Last thing.

Follow-up like crazy.

Now,after you build your huge pipeline,start closing them with follow ups,by building great relationships with them and planting the referral seed in their minds,at the very start of each relationship.

Let them know that,you have a referral system in place to grow your tennis program and that you want more prospects like them in your funnel.



Wow them with the best service you can give them.

Not average okay?

You have to over service them and take your coaching game to another  level or nothing that I write here will work, for YOU

Keep that in the back of your mind my friend.

This takes commitment and dedication,on your part.

Something only you can provide too!!!

Follow those steps above and then just watch the referrals, come rolling in like crazy.

Once they do.

"Focus on riding that momentum and building your tennis coaching program through referrals only".

With this system here.

You put more time,energy and focus in at the start of it, and then explode your growth at the back-end of your massive actions.

This is also the best way to grow a business in this tough economy we are in right now!!

You should be locked and loaded,after reading this post.


I'll talk to you guys later this month.