Write A Book

Hey coaches,what's up?

Just a quick update  about the US tour.

I will be giving Seminars for you tennis coaches, that want to start their own independent coaching program.

So,if you want to take part in it, please email me at ntgtennis@gmail.com.

I will be covering everything from A to Z on how coaches can start and then,grow their private tennis coaching programs.

Now,on to the information.

You have to write a book and then use that book as a lead generator, for getting more students and clients.

I'm actually in the process of changing my" Sales Campaign", as I write this post.

If you already have a book.

Then just skip the first part.

When I say book.

This can be a report,an ebook or a paperback.

Amazon will allow you to print the book and sale it on their site,but I wouldn't recommend you do that.

What you should do is this.

Print it on demand with Createspace.

You can also get the author price for each copy,which is 2$ for every print,so if you sell it for 14$,you make 12$ a sale.

Not bad right?

And if you sale them wholesale,that is a lot of cash coming in every month for your program.


Take this marketing idea and adjust it anyway you want,but here is an outline for YOU to start with.

Call the prospect

Offer your book for free.

Make sure that you are solving a problem for them,in the book.

Also,write the book in a entertaining way.

Don't bore them,use strong headlines and sub-headlines and address their biggest needs in the book.

You want them to read the book and want more, after they read it.

Next step.

Email Follow Up.

Follow up with a email about a week later.


They should contact you first,if you do your job with giving them value in the book.

Don't force the sale though.

This is why you want your sales pipeline full and you need to be working on 100 prospects at a time.

By working the numbers.

You will have a lot of leads coming in,after about 3 months.

Last step.

Give Them More Free Stuff.

I would offer a free clinic,event or webinar.

Because, if you write a great book,you can close them with the last step.

They will be sold on your offer,that is a fact.

The idea here is to,give so much value on the front-end that,they are sold by the time, you actually ask for the contract or for them to sign up,for your program.


Study great writer like Gary Halbert and Ted Nicholas.

Read their books 3 times and take down some notes.

Then start writing and don't stop,until you feel yourself getting better at doing it.

The best way to get better at writing is to,,,

WRITE more!!!

Like I said.

You can tweak this a bit,but keep the overall concept  in place.

Keep refining it as you go along and keep updating your material.

Give your campaign 3 months to gain some momentum,before you evaluate it and  then revise your approach.

After that time.

Make the needed adjustments and stay on course.

I wish you guys the best of luck and I look forward to seeing you on the tour!!!!



Hacking Other People’s Funnels

Hello, my fellow coaches and welcome back to the blog,that shows coaches how........ to start their own coaching programs on a tight budget.

I got this cool hack, from watching Russell Brunson a few days ago in  a webinar.

I would adopt it and adapt  it,to fit into your sales marketing plans.

The thing about marketing is that...

You don't need to try to re-invent the wheel,when doing it.

Just model after, what other great marketers are doing.

And oh yes.

KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid).

Okay,here is the Sales Funnel Hack!!

Go to the top marketer's site, in your niche and buy their product.

But just don't buy it,like many people do.

Write down their sales process and pay close attention, to how they do the following.

Up-sell you after the purchase.

Take you through the sale process.

Walk you through their funnel.

Follow up with you after the sale.

Build a relationship with their VIP clients.

We could go on and on here,but you get the message right?

After you hack into theirs.

"Create your own Sales Funnel and focus on improving,what you learn from them,with this purchase."

How can you make it better?

How can you see things, that they are not seeing?

In what ways can you take their sales process, to the next level and then automate it and let it run on it's own?

Use your creative imagination and come up with as many ideas as you can.

Next,it's execution time.


When building your own system.

Be open to new ideas and revise the one that you come up with it, as much as you need too,to allow  it,to manage itself.

The end goal here is to,,,

Hack into theirs,model after it,then revise it and last, automate it.

Ask your clients what they want and what they think about your system and give them what they want.

(We are all in the relationship business,not the making money off our clients business.)

The more you focus on serving them everyday and deepening your relationship with them.

The more referrals and business,they will give you.

Take a hard look, at how close your relationship is with your students,at all time.

If it's not close to a 10,you are in big trouble my friend.

Let's stop there today.

And I'll talk to you guys later this month!!!