20x Your Tennis Coaching Business

It's a rainy day here in kansai today.

So, I decided to write a post for you guys.

It's on a subject that, I was just meditating on, after reading a great  book on marketing and sells.

I can tell you this right now though.

If you take these tips and implement them into your marketing campaign the right way, and then adjust your approach to make sure, that they work for YOU.

You will 20X your tennis coaching program in months.

By the way.

Give your sales campaign, time to work.


Here is your 20X game plan.

Create new opportunities daily.

The question that you need to ask yourself every morning is......

What is my goal for today?

"Create a hit list of people and companies that would be interested in joining your program and call them to set up,to set up an appointment with them,to sell your program".

Your list should be 50 to 60 prospects.

You must work the numbers,if you want to 20X your program.

The more calls you make, the more practice you will get and then,the better you are going to get, at cold telephone prospecting.

Know your pitch cold and then anchor yourself into the moment, when talking, on the phone.

Keep on banging out those calls all day.

The Sales Secret of The Ages-

"The more people you call on,the more sales you will make!!"

Be Relentless.

The reason why salespeople don't make enough sales is because,they are too easy, to say no to.


Your pitch must be powerful and use a lot of emotion when talking to them.

I mean.

If they keep resisting you,move on,but never be a passive pushover!!!

Master How To sell

There is a science to selling.

That you must learn.

When you combine that,with the right attitude and  commitment,nothing will stop you.

Read,practice,read and practice and learn how to sell your coaching program.

I wish someone would have taught me this sells stuff years ago.

The reality is that.

Everything is communication in marketing and everyone is selling something.

I don't care who you are.

You will need to know how to sell yourself and your ideas and products.

But the first person you need to sale,is you to YOU!!!!

Man,you gotta believe in yourself.

Because if you don't.

You won't be able to sale your coaching program to anybody!!

Make sense right?

Take those 3 tips and go into the market place and dominate it!!

I'll talk to you guys next month!!


Use Emotion And Passion In Your Pitch

What's up guys?

Welcome back to the blog.

Hope you guys are crushing it, with your private tennis coaching business, on and off the court.

Today,I want to talk to you guys about your sale pitch.


How well have you perfected it?

Do you even have one?

If you don't,create one after you read this post and if you do have one...

Keep refining it everyday,until you know it cold and until you can give it with emotion and passion.

You never want to sound like a salesmen.

You also want to use emotion and passion in your pitch.

People buy on emotion,then they use logic later, to back up their buying decisions.

I was reading a book by a guy,who is using this in his own sale pitch and sales copy,who is making 4,000$ a DAY!!

Think about that,for a moment guys.

"This guy is bringing home more in 1 month,than most people make in a year."

That blew me away when I read it!!!

I just read the book twice too and I am going to copy his same system into my own "Self-Publishing Business".

About your pitch.

Make it all about them and agitate their biggest problems/needs and offer the cure for it.

I would use health issues.

Americans are getting fatter every year and tennis is a great way, for them to get back into shape at their own pace and also do it in a social settings.

See what I am saying?

So,that could be something to think about.

For kids.

"It's a great way of teaching and preparing them to play the toughest game they will ever play".

That being,the GAME OF LIFE.

The idea here is to.

Create  a powerful sales pitch, that  solves your ideal prospects biggest needs and problems.

And again.

Keep revising it and refining it weekly.

You must be able to give your sales pitch in a passionate way.

Because if you can't,you will not be successful when prospecting.

Ask yourself this tough question.

On a scale of 1 to 10,with 10 being the highest.

How much passion do you use in your sales pitch?

This question will get you moving in the right direction.


Sit down today and go over your sales pitch or create one.

Then keep adjusting it, were you need to,then start giving it at least 20 times a day,to your target students.

Key secret here- Try to give each one,better than the last one!!!

And remember this,,,,

When you use passion when prospecting,you will always magnetize, people to YOU!!!