Commit To Daily Prospecting

Welcome back my fellow coaches.

I hope you guys are crushing it, with your private tennis coaching programs out there.

Been getting some positive feedback,so I will try to continue to drop  information in this blog,every month.

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Today's topic is...

Commit To Prospecting.

Prospecting is something that you have to do everyday and you have to give it time to take traction in the market.

I was consulting a  tennis coach last week.


I asked him.

How many hours a day are you prospecting for new students?

His answer was.

Less than 1 hour.

The rest of his time was being spent researching and putting things off.

Can you guys relate to that?

I thought so!!!


You must commit  to prospecting daily.

Sales is a numbers game.

"And if you don't work those numbers everyday,you are just running a number on yourself".

Here is a plan of action.

For the next two months, 20x all your sales activities.

Focus on getting better at doing it,step by step.

That way.

Your conversion rates, should improve after a few weeks.

The important thing to do is to.....

Take massive action and then follow that action up with even more action.

This will  help you build a huge sale pipeline,that you can cash in on later.

I read somewhere that.

Your sales pipeline,will determine your monthly amount of sales!!

Make sense right?

Back to my client though.

His pipeline was empty and he didn't know why!!!

After he started committing to prospecting daily.

His program double and now he is blowing his business up,as I write this post.

I said this in the first post and I also talked about it in the book.

"Your main objective is to build a gigantic pipeline, through daily prospecting and keep it full."

Then build a referral base coaching system.

But,before you can do that.

You have to commit to prospecting.

And you must master how to sell.

Read books, listen to audio and immerse yourself into the art of selling, until you can master it.


Let's pause there for today.

I'll talk to you guys next month!!!


Follow The Money

Hey, whats up my fellow coaches?

It's "Golden Week" in kansai,so everywhere you go, is just packed with people.

I went out yesterday and it took me 3 hours to walk through Nara.

I'm going to stay home and do some writing and reading for a few days.

I hope you guys are having a great week!!!

The tip today is from the marketing guru himself, Grant Cardone.

In one of his books he said....

Follow The Money.

And as a independent tennis contractor you should follow his advice.

If you have to move to make more money in your coaching program,do it!!!

If you have to travel,to grow your coaching program, do it!!!

I read somewhere that.

In the US.

80% of the people,are still living,where they were born!!

Think about those stats?

They have the same friends and many aren't happy with their jobs either.

The point I'm making here is...

Follow the damn money.

"Find out where the best cities and places are to grow your independent coaching program and travel there or move there!!"

Make sense right?

This is a no brainer and why more coaches and people don't think about doing this, is crazy!!!

It's just plain common sense that....

If you are living in a place,that is not allowing you to grow your coaching program,that you have to move from that area.

Or at the least.

You can travel and expand your coaching business.

Bottom line.

Find out which area of the US,that offers  you the most opportunity,to grow and expand your coaching business.

Then go and network your tail off and build  your coaching business, by building long term relationships there,with the power players in that area!!!

Many tennis coaches are over looking this simple, but powerful tip by GC.

And that is why, I wanted to share it with you guys here today.

I'll reach out later this month, and give you guys another tip for growing your coaching program.