How Well Are You Connected

Hey,what's up coaches?

The best way to grow your independent tennis coaches program, is by growing your connection base.

You should always be asking yourself....

How well am I connected, to the power players in this game?

I'm working on growing my connections right now.

By creating more content and sharing it with other coaches and connecting to other associations.

And I know I need to do more of it.

Here is a good game plan to start with.

Write down 10 power players in this game, that you want to meet and connect with in the next 2 months.

Then come up with a plan,on how you can do it.

I would just share your vision with them and ask for their advice,on how you can reach your career goals.

Don't ask them for anything else though.

They will help you on their own,after they see that you are serious about growing your coaching career.

Go slowly and make sure you try to meet them at coaches seminars,on social media and at coaches workshops.

You should also try to write a book as soon as you can.

I already wrote a post, on how you can do that.

"Send your book to them and ask for them to read it and give you some tips on how you can improve it".

Bottom line is this.

Get creative with meeting, the people that can advance your career and stay away from people who are holding you back.


The more you are connected to the right people.

The faster you will grow your coaching program and your network.

But don't do what a lot of these coaches do.

Which is.

Join Linkein and then  send out connections and ask for a job!!!

This strategy doesn't and never will work!!!

The key to getting better connections, is to give first and be willing to walk away,without asking for anything!!!


"The more you ask for something,the  tougher it is to connect with the power players".

I know this for a fact,because it happen to me.

Connections take time and patience.

You have to win the respect of the person, you are trying to connect with,then they will offer their help,after you have proven your worth to them.

When that happens.

They will  help you to get what you want.

In summary.

Work and focus on building and growing your connections for the next 6 months!!!!

I'll talk to you guys later this month!!!