Learning How To Sell

Welcome back coaches.

I hope you guys are crushing it this week!!!

Today,I want to talk about the main skill,that you are going to have to develop,if you want to keep growing and expanding,your private coaching program.

You must learn how to sell.

"I'm talking about selling your vision,program and yourself."

And the first sell, is going to have to be to yourself!!!

Get sold on YOUR program.

"I read this in a great book on sells a while back and I have it posted up on my home office wall,to keep me focused on my vision".

If you want to be able to sell your program, you have to be sold on it first!!

People have to see and FEEL the belief and the passion, that you have for what you are doing.

You must also have self-faith in your vision.


Your achievements,will never rise any higher than your self-faith.

So,how can you master the art of selling?

Well,by reading books,watching videos and role-playing by yourself and also,with others.

When you do all these things on a daily basis and immerse yourself into the art of selling.

You get them down into your subconscious and you start selling more.

The reality is this.....

You either have to master the art of selling or go out of business!!

Study the successful coaching out there.

The one thing that they all had in common was.........they were completely sold on their products and services.

They had a inner knowing about themselves.

What you need to ask yourself is this.

"How much am I sold on my private coaching program"?

Answer that one and be honest with yourself.

It's you,having a deep conversation with yourself,so you can start moving towards what you want.

After you answer that key question.

Go back out into the market and start dominating it!!!

You see.

Learning how to sell,is really all about,discovering what your passion is and then going all in on it!!!!!

Copy this post out and read it for the next few weeks.

That should give you some direction and focus.

Talk to you guys next month!!