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How Well Are You Connected

Hey,what's up coaches?

The best way to grow your independent tennis coaches program, is by growing your connection base.

You should always be asking yourself....

How well am I connected, to the power players in this game?

I'm working on growing my connections right now.

By creating more content and sharing it with other coaches and connecting to other associations.

And I know I need to do more of it.

Here is a good game plan to start with.

Write down 10 power players in this game, that you want to meet and connect with in the next 2 months.

Then come up with a plan,on how you can do it.

I would just share your vision with them and ask for their advice,on how you can reach your career goals.

Don't ask them for anything else though.

They will help you on their own,after they see that you are serious about growing your coaching career.

Go slowly and make sure you try to meet them at coaches seminars,on social media and at coaches workshops.

You should also try to write a book as soon as you can.

I already wrote a post, on how you can do that.

"Send your book to them and ask for them to read it and give you some tips on how you can improve it".

Bottom line is this.

Get creative with meeting, the people that can advance your career and stay away from people who are holding you back.


The more you are connected to the right people.

The faster you will grow your coaching program and your network.

But don't do what a lot of these coaches do.

Which is.

Join Linkein and then  send out connections and ask for a job!!!

This strategy doesn't and never will work!!!

The key to getting better connections, is to give first and be willing to walk away,without asking for anything!!!


"The more you ask for something,the  tougher it is to connect with the power players".

I know this for a fact,because it happen to me.

Connections take time and patience.

You have to win the respect of the person, you are trying to connect with,then they will offer their help,after you have proven your worth to them.

When that happens.

They will  help you to get what you want.

In summary.

Work and focus on building and growing your connections for the next 6 months!!!!

I'll talk to you guys later this month!!!


Follow The Money

Hey, whats up my fellow coaches?

It's "Golden Week" in kansai,so everywhere you go, is just packed with people.

I went out yesterday and it took me 3 hours to walk through Nara.

I'm going to stay home and do some writing and reading for a few days.

I hope you guys are having a great week!!!

The tip today is from the marketing guru himself, Grant Cardone.

In one of his books he said....

Follow The Money.

And as a independent tennis contractor you should follow his advice.

If you have to move to make more money in your coaching program,do it!!!

If you have to travel,to grow your coaching program, do it!!!

I read somewhere that.

In the US.

80% of the people,are still living,where they were born!!

Think about those stats?

They have the same friends and many aren't happy with their jobs either.

The point I'm making here is...

Follow the damn money.

"Find out where the best cities and places are to grow your independent coaching program and travel there or move there!!"

Make sense right?

This is a no brainer and why more coaches and people don't think about doing this, is crazy!!!

It's just plain common sense that....

If you are living in a place,that is not allowing you to grow your coaching program,that you have to move from that area.

Or at the least.

You can travel and expand your coaching business.

Bottom line.

Find out which area of the US,that offers  you the most opportunity,to grow and expand your coaching business.

Then go and network your tail off and build  your coaching business, by building long term relationships there,with the power players in that area!!!

Many tennis coaches are over looking this simple, but powerful tip by GC.

And that is why, I wanted to share it with you guys here today.

I'll reach out later this month, and give you guys another tip for growing your coaching program.



Write A Book

Hey coaches,what's up?

Just a quick update  about the US tour.

I will be giving Seminars for you tennis coaches, that want to start their own independent coaching program.

So,if you want to take part in it, please email me at

I will be covering everything from A to Z on how coaches can start and then,grow their private tennis coaching programs.

Now,on to the information.

You have to write a book and then use that book as a lead generator, for getting more students and clients.

I'm actually in the process of changing my" Sales Campaign", as I write this post.

If you already have a book.

Then just skip the first part.

When I say book.

This can be a report,an ebook or a paperback.

Amazon will allow you to print the book and sale it on their site,but I wouldn't recommend you do that.

What you should do is this.

Print it on demand with Createspace.

You can also get the author price for each copy,which is 2$ for every print,so if you sell it for 14$,you make 12$ a sale.

Not bad right?

And if you sale them wholesale,that is a lot of cash coming in every month for your program.


Take this marketing idea and adjust it anyway you want,but here is an outline for YOU to start with.

Call the prospect

Offer your book for free.

Make sure that you are solving a problem for them,in the book.

Also,write the book in a entertaining way.

Don't bore them,use strong headlines and sub-headlines and address their biggest needs in the book.

You want them to read the book and want more, after they read it.

Next step.

Email Follow Up.

Follow up with a email about a week later.


They should contact you first,if you do your job with giving them value in the book.

Don't force the sale though.

This is why you want your sales pipeline full and you need to be working on 100 prospects at a time.

By working the numbers.

You will have a lot of leads coming in,after about 3 months.

Last step.

Give Them More Free Stuff.

I would offer a free clinic,event or webinar.

Because, if you write a great book,you can close them with the last step.

They will be sold on your offer,that is a fact.

The idea here is to,give so much value on the front-end that,they are sold by the time, you actually ask for the contract or for them to sign up,for your program.


Study great writer like Gary Halbert and Ted Nicholas.

Read their books 3 times and take down some notes.

Then start writing and don't stop,until you feel yourself getting better at doing it.

The best way to get better at writing is to,,,

WRITE more!!!

Like I said.

You can tweak this a bit,but keep the overall concept  in place.

Keep refining it as you go along and keep updating your material.

Give your campaign 3 months to gain some momentum,before you evaluate it and  then revise your approach.

After that time.

Make the needed adjustments and stay on course.

I wish you guys the best of luck and I look forward to seeing you on the tour!!!!



Focus On The Right Prospects

Welcome back,fellow coaches.

I hope you guys are off to  a great start this new year with growing your tennis program.


Make sure that 2017 is your best year ever.

Life doesn't get longer as you grow older my friend,it gets shorter.


Write down your goals for this year.

Then keep writing them down daily,while thinking and working on them non-stop.

Okay,on with the post.

How much time are you wasting with bad prospects?

Yea,we are talking about deadbeat prospects here.

I see many tennis coaches trying to build a business and they are wasting their time with  bad prospects.

Time is money!!

Yes,that statement is so true.

So, don't waste anymore time with prospects who can't decide or won't decide.

First, create your "Ideal Client Profile".

This should be the type of prospect, that you want to attract to your program.

Then keep updating that profile daily.

The next thing to do is,,

Create a Marketing Campaign.

Make it 3 months,because you will need to give it time to gain traction in the market.

Last thing.

Keep track of your results and create a"Hit List" the night before every work day!!

Monitor your progress daily and make those needed adjustments,as you work your plan.

The thing is this.

Always start with the end-goal in mind and be like a torpedo.

Keep adjusting your strategy,until you hit your goal!!!

Use that approach for everything that you do in your business and you can't fail coach.

Because with this mindset.

Everything is just feedback!!

See what I mean?

Okay then.


Today, go over all the prospects, that haven't joined your program yet.

Take off all the ones that you feel will not and start filling it up with better ones!!

This is really the key to growing your private coaching program faster.

Please never forget that!!

Because time is indeed MONEY!!!

We can stop there for today.

Let's talk more next month!!


How To Negotiate On Your Terms

Okay,this is going to be the last post of the year,so I'm going to try to make it a good one for you guys.

Hope everything is going well for you and your private coaching business.

Before we get into the info though.

Think business, not a job okay?

You need to be focusing on building a private coaching business and then taking that business online and putting it on automation.

That's important too, so write it down somewhere and post it up somewhere and refer back to it daily.

Today,we are going to talk about another very important skill, when it comes to building your coaching program.

And that is you,learning how to negotiate on your terms, while making them think, it is on their terms.

That requires practice and more practice,until you have the skills to do it at will.

I'm going to break down how you can negotiate into 3 parts.


Show them up front all the terms at the get go.

Spell it out for them in a simple way and let them know that the negotiations, is going to be about the following.

Your Terms......Their Terms......and Our Terms!!

See how simple that was?

Many people lose deals, because they make them too complex for the prospects.


Then get into the negotiations.

Start with your terms.

Present them in a passionate and natural way.

Soften your voice and eyes,so you come across as very personal.

Use a story to sell your offer better.


People love to hear empowering stories,so write one out for your pitch and keep refining it!!

It also helps you to connect with them, on a more personal level.


Let them give their terms.

Don't interrupt them while they are talking and listen with an intent, to understand  them and find out where they are really coming from.

Also called,"Reading between the lines".

Never waste time when negotiating either.

Get to the objections as quick as you can,if there are any and start working out an agreement with them.

And last thing.

The Close!!

Work out  a "Our Terms" agreement and get it in writing later.

You have to give to get.

The great thing is that,if you do the first 2 steps the right way.

The closing part is going to be easy.

Relax,to get them to relax.

I even like to close my deals over dinner.

It works too.

You have already did everything to establish trust, in these 3 hard straight forward negotiating tips.

Now at dinner, all you need to do, is wrap it up in style.

After some small talk.

Keep it light  and work out a deal in a friendly manner.

I like to start my closing statement with things like,,,

What do we really need to do,to make this thing work for the both of us?

And they we always meet me halfway at some point, in the closing of the deal.

Which they will do for you too.

Start working on this 3 step, negotiating process and get creative with using it to grow your business.

Some other notes.

Be in control at all times, while negotiating and know your information down cold.

Role play,practice in the mirror,perfect your pitch and the way you ask your power questions and with the way you follow up those questions, with power statements.

And that should about do it.

Negotiation is going to become the lifeblood of your business.

Because in the future.

You will be wanting to find and then close bigger deals.

That way.

You can stop trading time for $ and start making huge cash from finding and negotiating deals!!

I know a japanese friend, who used to coach,but now all he does for a living, is look for deals.

Get this.

2 big deals for him, can bring him in 700.000$ a year!!

This is how the rich get more wealthy.

They focus on finding deals and then they master the ability,to close those deals.

Yeah,I think this is the way I want to close out this post and this year.

Hope you enjoyed it and get busy developing those negotiation skills!!

Merry Christmas.

And Happy New Year!!


Let's make 2017 your best year ever!!!