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Hello fellow tennis coaches,,

If you are looking for a coaching job right now or have been thinking about starting your own tennis program before, but didn't know how to do it.

You have come to the right place my friend.

"This is  a private membership  site for  tennis coaches, that want to  start their own "Independent Tennis Contracting" business and start making 6 figure from private tennis coaching."

It's really not that hard to set up if you do it and have a master plan and then work your plan with effort and true intentions!!

That's were I come in at.

I will give you the plan and make sure that you execute it and also get results from it.

The thing that upset me the most in our coaching industry right now is that,,

"No experience tennis coach, should be working for anybody else,but themselves."

If you have been thinking about starting your own tennis program, well, start by joining this site.

I will then walk you through the whole process of how to get started and also make sure that you start seeing results in months.

It will take work on your part,but if you follow my instruction and then take massive action, you could see the money start rolling in after about 31 days

Yes, there is a catch to all of this.

It all depends on how much you focus on the information that I will give you and on how much action you end up taking with it.

There are tons of coaching out there who maybe reading this now, who are leaving tons of cash on the table, by working for others.

And,I can tell you this,you will never create a life for you and your family by doing that, and you already know that!

I started this membership site, because I got tired of tennis coaches on "Social Media" contacting me about jobs all the time.

I told them,what I just told you here in this post.

"Stop looking for a job and start coaching private tennis from today."

Even if you keep your full-time coaching job,while you start it.

The membership comes with the a free ebook "6 Figure Private Coaching".

You will have access to me for 2 skype call a month,but I will allow more of course.

(Unlimited emails.)

(2  Webinars a month.)

(3 posts a months filled with tips to help you grow and maintain your success with your private coaching program.)

And other free information every month from me and other experts.

The one thing I can promise you is this guys,,

You are getting a great deal with this offer and I made it cheap just for you,so you wouldn't have any excuses for not being able to afford it.

Click the paypal button and let's get started.

I'll talk to you smart coaches on the inside.

For the rest of you coaches,good luck!!